GE15: Keep an eye during vote counting process at the polling centres, Fahmi to voters

17 Nov 2022 09:37am
Photo source: Sinar Daily
Photo source: Sinar Daily

KUALA LUMPUR - PKR Information Chief Fahmi Fadzil have urged voters to return to the polling centres to keep an eye on the officials during the vote counting process on this Saturday to ensure no “hanky-panky” activities takes place.

He told those present at the DAP campaign dinner in Taman Sri Sentosa here last night that everyone needs to be on alert as “they” might do anything to stay in power.

“They” here is believed to refer to Barisan Nasional and Perikatan Nasional.

"They might do anything to stay in power, so after you cast your vote, go back and relax then standby in the evening at the polling centre when the start to count the votes.

"All of you go back to the polling station and make them know the people are watching.

"Make sure there is no any 'hanky-panky' works where new ballot box coming by the side and cut of electricity all of sudden," he during his speech.

Fahmi also urged PH leaders to show the they were a strong coalition and that nothing can shatter their goals and aspirations.

The PH Lembah Pantai candidate said numerous accusations and commentaries would appear during elections but reminded that the coalition still stands despite the discrimination faced.

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"Even one of our candidate, Rafizi Ramli got raided by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

"Things like this shows that they (other political parties) are scared that they might lose in the 15th General Election (GE15).

"They are trying their best to defeat us but in Pandan, Rafizi will definitely win the seat, same goes to all PH's candidate, the victory is ours,” he said.

Also present were PKR’s Lee Chean Chung, who is PH candidate for Petaling Jaya; DAP’s Tan Kok Wai - PH candidate for Cheras; and Teresa Kok who is defending the Seputeh parliamentary seat.

Lee urged those present to give their full support to Fahmi as he has been on the ground since day one and done a lot for the community.

“Fahmi have been working day and night serving his people not only in Lembah Pantai but all over nation," Lee said.

Meanwhile, Tan was confident Fahmi would retain the Lembah Pantai seat for a second term based on his work and commitment to defend the people’s rights there.